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Rod Hill
City Controller &
Director of HR
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The Controller’s Office is charged with the administration of the City’s financial affairs, human resource functions, risk management responsibilities and emergency management operations. In fulfilling this mission, the Controller's Office performs a variety of functions which include the provision of staff support to the City Manager involving analysis and implementation of the City's annual operating budget and general accounting system, the maintenance and administration of the risk management and emergency management programs and human resource duties for the City, the Whittier Redevelopment Successor Agency, Whittier Utility Authority, Whittier Public Financing Authority, Whittier Housing Authority and several special districts. Click here to view The City of Whittier's Fiscal Year Budget and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

The Controller's Office also provides support in various areas including the projection and analysis of compensation and benefits costs for labor negotiations; processing and reviewing unemployment insurance claims; administration of employee benefits programs; coordinating deferred compensation and PERS retirement programs; managing disaster preparedness and emergency operations; and coordinating the safety committee program and accident review committee.

The Controller's Office oversees the City's long range financial planning, financing of capital needs, including bond financings, and reviewing fiscal impact of Council actions.

In addition, the Controller's Office provides independent, technical analysis and advice on a broad range of management issues and problems aimed at monitoring the propriety of expenditures, evaluating internal controls, assessing efficiency and effectiveness of program objectives and analyzing and recommending changes in management systems procedures. Also, the Controller's Office is responsible for purchasing administration, the disbursement of monies, the preparation of various required financial reports, the supervision of the City's inventory of property, and management of the City’s various audit engagements.

Goals of the Controller's Office are:

  • To provide excellent customer service to the public, other City departments and City employees.
  • To assist City departments in fiscal planning and forecasting. 
  • To assist City departments in personnel needs. 
  • To administer the City’s budget and facilitate departmental budget preparation. 
  • To monitor the day-to-day administration of the City's employee benefit programs, including group health, deferred compensation, CalPERS retirement and COBRA rights notification programs. 
  • To provide comprehensive risk management programs to mitigate the City’s liability exposure. 
  • To provide emergency management and disaster preparedness resources to the City and the community. 
  • To ensure all accounting transactions are properly recorded and accurately reflected in financial reports. 
  • To ascertain, at a minimum, recovery of all direct costs of providing contract services to other governmental agencies.

The City is known for its high quality of management and its sound fiscal practices.

The City of Whittier is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The City of Whittier offers interesting, challenging and rewarding employment opportunities in a variety of careers. For job opportunities, click here.

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