Friends Monthly Book Auction

February 2018

To view these items and make a bid, visit the display case next to the parking lot entrance of the Central Library.  Bidding ends on Saturday, March 3 at noon.   



1. Crusade in Europe; by Dwight D. Eisenhower; copyright 1948 President Eisenhower writes of WWII as commander of all allied forces.                         minimum bid $6

2. Six Crises; copyright 1962; by Richard Nixon; signed copy; Nixon writes of his years in public office and being President.      minimum bid $5

3. The Lone Star Ranger; copyright 1914; by Zane Grey; Harper & Brothers, New York; favorite of his western writings; inside rip on binding.       minimum bid $6

4. Four Dark Days; history of JFK’s assassination; copyright 1963; photos of the four days after the death of President Kennedy.   minimum bid $6

5. Here’s how!; by the women of the First Presbyterian Church of Whittier; may date back to 1958.     minimum bid $6

6. Rose Growing for Amateurs; copyright 1915 or 1916; given as a gift in 1916; by H. H. Thomas; illustrated by photographs and sketches.  minimum bid $6

7. The Films of Ronald Reagan; copyright 1980, First Edition; by Tony Thomas; biography of pictures of President Reagan’s movie career; ink damage on one picture.   minimum bid $6

8. Abraham Lincoln; a group of four pieces of President Lincoln’s writings; one is an editor of the Buffalo News by Ida M. Tarbell; preserver of his country is dated 1928 from the John Hancock Insurance Company.  minimum bid $6