Uptown Bike Patrol Team

The Whittier Police Department Uptown Bicycle Patrol Team is comprised of two officers who are assigned to the Uptown Shopping area of the city. The Uptown area is a great shopping experience for city residents as well as tourists. Stores, restaurants, bars, movie theaters and coffee houses attract a large number of people to the Uptown area daily.

Patrolling the area on bicycles gives the officers assigned to this Team the ability to respond to problems rather quickly. The Uptown Bicycle Patrol Team keeps crime down to a minimum by having a great relationship with business owners in the area.

The Team is always visible, dealing with the high levels of pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the Uptown area. Being seen assures visitors that a police officers is always there. High visibility also helps warn trouble-makers that any illegal activity will not be tolerated.

Always friendly and willing to help, the Uptown Bicycle Patrol Team makes visiting Uptown Whittier a pleasant and safe experience.