Cultural Arts

The City of Whittier has a large and active arts community whose efforts are visible throughout the City and year-around. In 1987, the City of Whittier authorized the formation of the Cultural Arts Commission as the official agency for the encouragement and development of the arts in the community and schools.

The mission of the Whittier Cultural Arts Commission, appointed by the City Council, is to enhance the quality of life in the Whittier community by providing leadership, advice and advocacy on cultural arts. The Commission will accomplish its mission of support for arts in the changing community by identifying and prioritizing needs, and providing networking opportunities for arts organizations to enhance the quality of life.

To achieve its mission, the Commission has several standing committees that report on cultural matters and continue to encourage various programs througout the community.

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Art in Public Places

In 1993 the City Council adopted the Art in Public Places Ordinance (12.52), which established a percentage for art programs in the City. The intent of the program is to provide a collection of nationally recognized artwork throughout the City for public benefit. The Ordinance requires new residential, commercial or manufacturing development having a total value of $250,000 or more to provide artwork valued at one-half of one percent of the total project cost or pay in-lieu contributions equal to the same amount. The Art in Public Places Advisory Committee advises the Commission and the Council on public art matters.

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For more information on the City of Whittier's Art in Public Places program, call the Community Services Division at (562) 567-9400 or click on the envelope to e-mail.
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Whittier Cultural Arts Foundation

To assist the Commission in its effort to keep the arts thriving in the City, the Whittier Cultural Arts Foundation was established in 1991. The Foundation works to fund the arts through the generous help of its members and contributions from local organizations. The mission of the Foundation is to: Raise funds for incorporating the arts in all public and private sectors; 

  • Provide a network of support and supporters for the arts;

  • Encourage and assist schools in making the arts a part of every student's experience;

  • Promote growth in the arts through increased community involvement; and

  • Support and appreciate the arts and nurture the artists

    Community Street Banner Program

    The City of Whittier Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department and the Whittier Cultural Arts Foundation along with Supervisor Don Knabe, have served the community through fourteenth years of the Community Street Banner Program. This program asks local artists of all ages, school children and organizations to submit scaled down drawings for consideration to be painted onto banners. Artists whose drawings are chosen are given a banner on which to paint their artwork in acrylic paint onto one side only. Completed banners are then hung throughout the City for a three month period in the summer.

    Through this project, the City and the Whittier Cultural Arts Foundation seek to build a connection with the arts by providing not only opportunities for local artists to display their work, but by placing it in the community for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.  By giving artists a chance to participate in making Whittier a more beautiful and interesting place with their art, they are educating residents, visitors and businesses about the ability the arts has to bring people together, to strengthen the local economy and to encourage creative expression from the community. Each year in May, a reception is held for everyone who submitted a design for the program.  All designs are put on display in the City Hall lobby, and artists are invited to attend a reception with the City Council, the Whittier Cultural Arts Foundation board and their fellow artists. 

    For more information or to submit a design please download the Call to Artists and submit a design by January 20, 2017.

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    Whittier Nights at the Hollywood Bowl

    A longtime summer tradition, Whittier has taken concert-goers to the Bowl for over 60 years. A committee of dedicated volunteers and City staff work to coordinate the event in which buses are chartered to take residents to a concert so that participants don't have to worry about driving or parking at the Bowl!  Contact the Community Services Department for more information at 562-567-9400

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    Big Picture Photo Contest

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    Lobby Art

    In 1989, the City and the Commission began the City Hall Lobby Visual Arts Exhibition program. Demonstrating the City's commitment to creating a culturally healthy community, the program has brought art and artists to the public at City Hall and Parnell Park for employees, visitors and residents alike to view and appreciate. Since that time, the lobby has exhibited a diverse collection of art including paintings, sculptures, textiles and photographs. The Visual Arts Committee reviews submissions and recommends an exhibit schedule to the Commission. 

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