Water Conservation

Every Drop Counts from City of Whittier on Vimeo.

Reporting Water Waste

To anonymously report water waste, call the water waster hotline at (562) 567-9530 or SaveWater.CA.Gov.

El Nino and Drought

Is the El Niño a drought buster for California? We are not out of the woods yet. There are still lots of unknowns. Don't let your guard down on water conservation. We still have a long way to go until we are officially out of this historic drought.

Conservation Education and Rebates

The City appreciates all that our residents have done to conserve water, and urges all residents to keep conserving and changing habits that lead to more conservation.  Learn more about the water shortage and what you can do to save water by visiting:

  • Save Our Water - Practical Water Saving Tips
  • Be Water Wise - More Educational Resources  
  • Help Your Trees Survive The Drought
  • Ayude A Sus Árboles A Sobrevivir La Sequía
  • Central Basin - Grant Program for Public Facilities and Non-profit Organizations

    Customers can also take advantage of various rebate programs that encourages conservation including Smart Irrigation Systems, water efficient appliances, rain barrels, and more.  Visit SoCal Water$mart for various rebates or Save Our Water Rebates for toilet rebates (please note Whittier residents are not eligible for the turf replacement rebates described on the Save Our Water Rebates website). The City is collaborating with Central Basin Municipal Water District to share numerous FREE education programs and workshops for drought tolerant landscaping.   Classes are held in parks at various locations.  Check the Central Basin Website for additional information.

    View the City's Conservation progress by clicking here and selecting Whittier. 

    State Emergency Conservation Regulations

    On April 1, 2015 Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order directing the State Water Resources Board to implement mandatory water reductions in urban areas to reduce potable water usage statewide by 25 percent.  On May 5, 2015, the State Water Board adopted an emergency conservation regulation in accordance with the Governor's directive, which went into effect on May 18, 2015.

    Click here to view State Water Resource Control Board Resolution No. 2015-0032.

    Certification of Self-Certified Conservation Standard

    The City is now in Phase III of its Mandatory Water Conservation Ordinance.  Click here to view the Whittier 2015-16 Temporary Water Restrictions order executed by Director of Public Works David Pelser.

    Lawn Watering is Restricted to Three Days a Week










       Water Drop


      Water Drop 


      Water Drop 





       Water Drop


       Water Drop



      Water Drop 

    Whatever you were watering: reduce outdoor watering to half of what you used to do!  Half of typical household water goes to landscape irrigation.

    What is the City Doing Towards Conservation?

    The City is doing its part to conserve water by turning off water irrigation systems to turf on street medians.  During the summer, water features that use recycled potable water in City parks will be open for limited hours.   

    Turfs in City parks are equipped with Smart Irrigation Systems.  Some of our parks are also irrigated with recycled water.  Parks not irrigated with recycled water will also curtail watering.